Shop the US

with help from our concierge.

You can shop at hundreds of US online stores

- even those who don’t ship internationally or accept non-US credit cards. This really is the ultimate gateway to the US.

US shopping: how it works.

Shopping at American websites is as easy regular online shopping. Just follow these four simple steps:

  • Step 1 Register with comGateway and get a free US address
  • Step 2 Shop online with any US merchant, even those that do not accept non-US credit cards
  • Step 3 Place your order with the Buy For Me service and purchases will be made on your behalf
  • Step 4 All your shopping will be sent to your free US Address where it will be consolidated, repackaged and then shipped on to you at home
  • Step 1 Register with comGateway and get a free US address
  • Step 2 Use your free US address with shopping at any US Merchants
  • Step 3 Get real-time notification of all your US shopping as it arrives at your free US address
  • Step 4 To save on international shipping, storage, consolidation and repackaging can be done at your free US address. You decide when to have your shopping shipped home

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